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Investor Corner

TMG Overview

Number of customers served

(Unit: thousand persons)

The partnership with Flight Center and new sales offices opened oversea helped advance Buffalo Tours’ total volume of customers.

Regions of origin

(Unit: percentage)

TMG has served customers from over 100 countries and still seeking for new markets.

Group Revenue

(Unit: thousand USD)

Group revenue has increased stably over the last decade. 2016 is expected to have growth rate of over 50%.


(Unit: thousand USD)

In 2014, TMG heavily invested in expanding its business to new countries. The successful scaling up of the business taken over in the last two years is forecasted to result in the top line and bottom line of Buffalo Tours from 2016 onwards.


Today, we offer you consistent growth in a volatile world, with a strong dividend yield. Our businesses are performing well. We have a foundation of broad and deep competitive advantage. Our best days are ahead of us, and we are determined to deliver for you.

We consider the return of profits to our share holders as one of our most important management responsibilities. We determine dividends while giving full consideration to our consolidated financial results from a long-term perspective.

Corporate news

November 22 2016
Thien Minh Group has officially launched new look of TMGroup.vn

Thien Minh Group (TMG) has launched a new look for the official website of the group – www.TMGroup.vn, operating as a business website that focuses on...

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