Pathway of development
1994 - 2005: Establishment & development

The first footprint of TMG in the market with the establishment and development of Buffalo Tours.

Starting from journeys

In the early years of the 90s, like many other students, a young medical student - Mr. Tran Trong Kien ran local tours to fund his studies, as well as to satisfy his love for discovering the world around him.

After experiencing uncountable journeys, destinations, cultures, and people; his love for Vietnam - his motherland could not be silenced, and Mr. Tran Trong Kien turned his attentions to his home.

“Why Vietnam tourism is not well known? Why we cannot do better? etc.” - were questions that Kien could not find a satisfying answer to. His homeland was full of beauty, of landscapes and of people, crying out to be shared with the world.

And in 1994, Buffalo Tours was born.

Pathway of development and affirm position

From a humble beginning with a small office and three employees, Buffalo Tours has risen to a strong position in the Asian Tourism industry.

In 1994, Buffalo Tours was the first and the only private enterprise providing adventure travel products in Vietnam, which allowed us to gain a valuable foothold in this developing marketplace.

After ten years of operating in Vietnam (1994 - 2005), Buffalo Tours attracted a sustainable and increasing number of customers; as well as a credible image through strong values and memorable customer experiences. We have always aimed to design journeys of distinction, of memory where customers can experience the unique cultures and people that make our destinations so special.

The early success of Buffalo Tours and the increasing global awareness represent the first steps of the TMG journey.