Pathway of development
2006 - 2010: Consolidation & thrive

By implementing strategic plans and partnerships with top companies in industry, TMG has asserted its position in a newly competitive market.

Buffalo Tours outreaches regions

From 1994 to 2005, Buffalo Tours operated only in Vietnam. However, this success was not enough for Kien or any of the Buffalo Tours staff who’s the desire to dare to do, and to dream big was strong. We had to find more experiences to bring to our clients.

This dare to dream attitude led to many big milestones in this period:

**2009: Opened Buffalo Tours offices in Laos, Cambodia and Thailand.

Buffalo Tours increased its number of destinations from one to four. Laos, Cambodia and Thailand allowed us to connect our clients with even more local cultures and continue to provide more and more unforgettable experiences.

**2008: Established Buffalo Tours Sales office in Sydney, Australia.

**2010: Established Buffalo Tours Sales office in London, UK.

The launches of Buffalo Tours sales offices in Sydney, Australia and London, UK, allowed Buffalo Tours to better serve the huge numbers of customers originating from these important markets.

Broaden Destinations Management business line

Buffalo Tours is the company that set the foundation for TMG Destinations Management business line and its success has been the foundation of many other Destinations Management Company (DMC) ventures in TMG.

**2006: Established Intrepid Vietnam joint-venture which now PEAK Vietnam, joint-venture with the PEAK Adventure Travel Group.

By partnering with one of the most well-known enterprises in the Adventure Travel field, TMG were able to serve customers who enjoy adventurous journeys at the highest levels.

**2010: Acquired majority stake in Cholon Tours and 100% stake in Asia Outdoors.

The presence of Cholon Tours has brought great opportunities for TMG in China market, especially in terms of exhibition tour products. Meanwhile, Asia Outdoors allowed us to dig deep and provide adventure tours in Halong Bay - one the most famous tourism spots in Asia.

Start the first step to set up Hospitality business line

Besides a series of activities to consolidate and develop our Destinations Management business lines, TMG made its first move into Hospitality business by launching Mai Chau Lodge in 2007, the first international-standard hotel in Mai Chau.

Mai Chau Lodge offers not only hotels & resorts services including accommodations, meals, transportations, etc.; but also unique tours including trekking, biking, kayaking, and rock climbing, etc. Even with more hotels today, Mai Chau Lodge remains the only hotel providing quality tours for customers to enjoy Mai Chau.