Pathway of development
2011 - 2016: Explosive growth

Beyond the boundary of destinations management industry, TMG explores hospitality, aviation, and online booking industries.

Victoria Hotels & Resorts acquisition and the booming of Hospitality business line

In 2011, TMG is successful in acquiring the chain of Victoria Hotels & Resorts in Vietnam at value of 45 million USD. This is the first time in history of hospitality industry in Vietnam that a deal is completed between a domestic and an international hospitality group. Following from this event, TMG officially step into the hospitality industry with a series of hotels introduced continuously.

With this rapid growth, now TMG has in hand 11 hotels & resorts, more than 20 cruises and boats, and provide accommodation services for around 100.000 passengers in total. TMG Hospitality is strongly confident in our ability to bring customers journeys of distinction in any destinations.

The launch of online business line

2011 was a very busy year with TMG; as at the same time we acquired Victoria Hotels & Resorts; we also established as a joint venture with the Wootif Group, Australia.

With a strong technology platform of Wootif and rich experience in tourism industry of TMG, the launch of has been accepted significantly by customers seeking a tool that can support, design and plan with ease.

The success of brings the ideas for TMG to not stop at booking hotels, but also provide customers a platform allowing book an end-to-end service for a complete and memorable journey. In 2015, Crafted Asia Journey brand was born to achieve that mission. After only one year, Crafted Asia Journey has shown its ability through significant growth in revenue and lots of positive feedbacks from customers.

Take challenges in Aviation area

In September 2014, Hai Au Aviation officially launched the first three seaplanes into Vietnamese market. The appearance of seaplane service in Vietnamese market is a huge step in fulfilling the tourism potential of Vietnam. At the moment, Hai Au Aviation is a pioneer in developing seaplane service and set up the initial stage for general aviation across Vietnam.

Destinations Management keeps broadening its footprints

Along with strong development of Hospitality, Online, and Aviation business lines; Destinations Management is still in top priorities of TMG in long term development strategy. And in this booming period of TMG’s pathway, there are several key milestones as the roadmap below.

2011 to 2016 can be named as an “explosive growth - booming” period of TMG with the establishment and strong development of full four business lines under TMG nowadays including: Destinations management, Hospitality, Online, and Aviation.

With this integrated businesses, TMG provides end-to-end travel and hospitality services for customers. This is in line with our goals to inspire people by delivering unique travel experiences.