Pathway of development
TMG's future: Adventure to the whole new levels

We will never stop pushing our limitation to the new levels.

The journey so far

At TMG, we dare to turn bold ideas into reality, and inspire people with our passion to make the most of their own journey. Our commitment to responsible business practices and outstanding customer service means we are well placed to continue our group’s growth into the future.

Looking back to how much TMG has done in the last more than 20 years, no one could imagine how far we can go from here. From the humble beginnings in 1994, TMG has grown from three employees to over 2,500. Since 2010, the number of tour passengers each year has doubled, while the number of room nights sold has jumped by 650%. Each year, we bring almost 1,000,000 people to Asia through TMG Destinations Management, and TMG Hospitality brands.

TMG’s future

Our strategic growth has seen TMG establish a global presence with operations across the world to welcome travellers from around the world providing unforgettable experiences throughout destinations we manage.

In short term, TMG plans to open more hotels and resorts every 2-3 years; focus on domestic market besides the inbound market; develop wide range of diversified products and services to offer customers various options, etc. In long term, TMG will grow stronger and stronger by merger and acquisition to increase the number of TMG’s properties and subsidiaries.

To ensure every step of customers’ journey is simple and convenient, we will never stop moving forwards to conquer new challenges, reach higher levels, broaden our businesses, and serve customers the greatest services.